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Understanding Renter's Insurance Plans

Hi everyone, my name is James Lewis. Welcome to my website about renter’s insurance plans. When I was renting an apartment years ago, I came home to find the place absolutely soaked with water. Turns out, the neighbor upstairs had an incident with the water heater that was not discovered for hours. Unfortunately, at that time, I did not think to acquire renter’s insurance to cover the damage. Since then, I have explored renter’s insurance options in great detail. I want to share that information on this site to help others understand the important of this type of insurance coverage. Thanks for visiting my site.


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How Top-Selling Agents Sell The Most Insurance

One of the challenges of becoming a property casualty insurance provider is that you must receive the training necessary to provide this service. However, after you have attended property casualty insurance school, the next challenge is to sell insurance to as many customers as possible.

Start as a Captive Agent

The easiest way to get started as a property casualty insurance agent is to become a captive agent. This means that you will only be selling insurance from a small number of companies. You may sign a contract to serve a company exclusively or you might sign a contract to only sell insurance from a limited number of companies. Eventually, you can transition into becoming an independent agent who is able to sell insurance from any provider.

Help the Customer Understand What is Needed

One of the challenges of selling insurance is that it is an intangible product. When you are working with a client who does not have a particular type of insurance, you will need to help illustrate to him or her why this form of insurance is so important. For example, you may need to help the client think about what it would be like if he or she no longer had a paycheck coming in. This can help sell all sorts of insurance policies that help policyholders who are suddenly unable to work.

Try to Sell to Everyone

Keep in mind that clients who are hostile or who are complaining are not necessarily clients who will not want your product. Oftentimes, complaining is done for emotional reasons. It produces a cathartic effect and you should still try to sell the product even to a seemingly hostile prospective client.


Whenever you have the opportunity, try to sell as many forms of insurance as possible. When you only sell one form of insurance, you will have to spend more time and money acquiring new clients. However, when you sell multiple forms of insurance, you will be able to perform a risk assessment and determine which range of products will provide your client with sufficient coverage. 

Offer Multiple Ways to Contact You

Make it as easy as possible to reach you. Don't simply rely on your customer calling you, but offer an online solution. Customers prefer to use a range of methods to find the insurance they need and if you only offer one method of contact, you will limit the number of customers you can reach.