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Hi everyone, my name is James Lewis. Welcome to my website about renter’s insurance plans. When I was renting an apartment years ago, I came home to find the place absolutely soaked with water. Turns out, the neighbor upstairs had an incident with the water heater that was not discovered for hours. Unfortunately, at that time, I did not think to acquire renter’s insurance to cover the damage. Since then, I have explored renter’s insurance options in great detail. I want to share that information on this site to help others understand the important of this type of insurance coverage. Thanks for visiting my site.


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Is Hail Damage Covered With Homeowner's Insurance?

Hail is something that is present with storms from time to time, and there are situations in which hail is so large that it causes damage to things you own. Hail can damage your car, for example, and it can damage the roof on your home. If your home experiences hail damage, you might wonder if your homeowner's insurance policy would cover the damage, and here are several things to know about this.

A typical policy will cover hail damage

While every homeowner's policy has different types of coverages and exclusions, almost every policy will cover hail damage. Hail damage is a typical type of damage that homeowners can experience from a bad storm, and a normal policy provides coverage for this. If you are not sure if your policy covers this type of damage, you could call your insurance company to ask.

Hail damage is not covered if the roof was in poor condition

There is one important thing to realize about hail damage to a roof and any other type of damage you might experience to your roof from a storm. If your roof was in poor condition when the hail damage occurred, your insurance company is probably not going to cover the costs for repairs. In order for hail damage to be covered, it requires a homeowner to properly care for the roof on his or her home. In fact, insurance companies only provide coverage for most types of damage to a roof if the homeowner properly maintained the roof. If the roof was not taken care of prior to the hail storm, the insurance company may decline paying the claim.

You should contact your insurance company and a roofing company to learn more

If you suspect you have hail damage on your roof, there are two main things you should do. The first is to contact your insurance company to let them know. When you do this, they will send an adjuster to your home to inspect the roof. This adjuster will determine if there is hail damage to your roof and will also determine when the damage took place.

Secondly, you should contact a roofing company. A roofing company will also evaluate the roof and the damage it experienced, and they will be able to give you a quote for repairs. Having a roofing company do this is a great way to get a second opinion, too. If you have questions, contact insurance agencies like Skipton Claims Management today.